Sunday, March 2, 2008

Golf in Dubai

Theres a lot of talk about Dubai in the world of golf. Recently the city held the Dubai Desert Classic, won by Tiger Woods for the second time, and it has been named the home to the European Tours Dubai World Championship, with $10 Million purse.

Dubai is known for its excessive developments, some of which are using green technologies. The golf industry is no exception, as all the courses are using effluent sourced water for irrigation, mostly due to scarcity of freshwater. Although this is very resource intensive, it's good to see alternative uses for waste water.

Golf development has increased considerably, ten years ago there was only two courses, now there's ten. There are quite a few more on the way to, like the Legends Course which will comprise of the worlds top nine holes, all within a massive $17.7 Billion project called Dubialand.

I suspect the course will look something like this:


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