Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Source of Info

Early spring photo of Heron Point Golf Club, near Hamilton, Ontario Canada

My goal with GO FORE THE GREEN is to provide as much information as possible about environmental issues facing the golf industry and to explore possible solutions. In order to keep myself in the loop I check as many news sources as I can. Science Daily reports on the latest science news and research from throughout the world and has collected a number of great articles on environmental issues facing golf. Check them out below:

Wildlife and Habitat Issues

Golfers and Golf Courses Benefit from Native Grasses in Rough

Golfers Beware! Deer Ticks Lurking in the Rough

Could Golf Courses Double as Wildlife Sanctuaries?

Pesticide Issues

Site of US Open Reducing Pesticides (Excellent Article)

Golfing Towards a Greener Environment

Purdue Golf Course Serves as Environmental Research Lab

Putting Doesn't Pollute - Research Finds

Better Golf Course Chemical Management with "KTURF" website
Website found here

Plants can make Golf Courses Better by Filtering Pesticides
We covered this issue in one of our own articles, find it here.

Inhalation of Golf Courses Pesticide Causes "Minimal Health Risk"

Scientists Battle Cold Weather Mold

Water Quality

Wetlands Clean Water and may Control Neigborhood Flooding Issues

Commercial Aquatic Plants offer Cost-Effective Method for Treating Waste Water


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