Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Segway GT

One of the greatest environmental accomplishments of the golf industry was the conversion from gas to electric powered carts. Besides that, carts haven't changed much. Until now...maybe?

I know plenty of superintendents who would not approve of this sort of mobility. The promo claims the vehicles are "light weight" at only 95 lbs, but with the extra weight of clubs and golfer not many superintendents are going to appreciate those two thin wheels casting imprints throughout every fairway, especially on damp properties. (side note - 50 seconds in to the video the lazy golfer fails to fix his divot)

I'm not sure if they'll take off, however Golf Digest claims that 78% of golfers worldwide prefer to walk, while in America that number is only 51%. Thats a huge potential market of minimally athletic athletes.


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