Monday, February 25, 2008

Sustainable Golf Shirts

With an increase in concern of our ecological footprint we are seeing more sustainable fabrics on the market. Its not just hemp any more, theres bamboo, organic cottons, soy, recycled polyesters and recycled pop bottles (EPT). In time we will see more golf specific applications, here's a few in the mean time.

I don't usually put up ads but this one describes the product so well I had to. Check out for more shirts and socks. Bamboo is a favorable clothing material because it's a natural UV protector, more absorbent than polyesters or cotton, not as heavy as hemp products, and makes you feel on average 2-3 degrees cooler. Bamboo is considered to be a sustainable crop because of its fast growing and low impact farming characteristics.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing some of the larger companies bringing Bamboo golf shirts to the market soon, I know of one company in the process developing hats but I'm sworn to secrecy. Nikes already making a few products with 40% Bamboo content, but I prefer the Shirts of Bamboo product line. They have a full line of clothing and are made with 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton.

Of the Earth makes a number of golfable style shirts, made of Organic Cotton, Merino Wool, Bamboo, PET or Hemp. Check them out at


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