Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Growling Frog Golf Course - Australia

The Growling Frog Golf Course has won a number of international and national environmental awards. The course is watered with recycled water, including the use of reclaimed water from the Whittlesea Treatment Plant and recycled sewer effluent from the clubhouse.

The clubhouse contains water saving plumbing devices as well as a range of other environmentally friendly features, such as high performance solar control glass and thermal and acoustic insulation in the walls and ceiling.

After the recent exciting discovery that confirmed the presence of the nationally threatened Growling Grass Frog at the Growling Frog Golf Course, Council is hoping to secure funding to secure the habitat of this species.

As part of the Living Rivers Program, a concept plan has been developed that looks at options of catching and treating stormwater runoff from the carpark and the roof of clubhouse at the golf course.

This water will be used to create new wetland areas. It is hoped this initiative will further enhance the site as a potential breeding ground and ensure that the Growling Grass Frog has a secure future at the golf course that bears its name.

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