Friday, September 26, 2008

Organic Golf Course - Kabi

Check out a great article about Kabi here.

Some Highlights on Kabi's Organic Golf Course Maintenance

The Kabi golf course and orchard are BFA {Biological Farmers Association} certified. Kabi is the only golf course in Australia that is currently certified by the BFA. Research has shown us that Kabi is potentially the only golf course in the southern hemisphere if not the world that is certified organic by a government body.

KEEPING THE GREENS: The main grasses used are warm-season Couch and cool-season Poa, which have been chosen for their lower water requirement. Inputs include good quality composts as well as beneficial microbiology in combination with minerals.

WEED CONTROL: Seasonal weeds are controlled mainly by hand weeding and some biodynamic practices.

PEST AND DISEASE CONTROL: Mole crickets, black beetles and ants are controlled with biodynamic practices and various botanical oils.The main disease encountered is dollar spot, which is controlled with beneficial biology.


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