Friday, October 17, 2008

Kleen Drinking Water

Many golf courses have taken steps to ensure golfers of the safety of on-course drinking water, despite their attempts there are still cases of golfers tracing illnesses to on-course water supplies. We're not talking about drinking water from a pond, we'll talking about the coolers set out on the course by staff who may, or may not, of washed the cooler correctly. This has led many courses to provide plastic bottles of drinking water, but with the recent concern about plastics (specifically Bisphenol A, check out Wikipedia for more info) and the increase in waste this creates some courses are looking for a cleaner greener option.

I was in the pro-shop of Toronto's famous Rosedale Golf Club the other week and saw that they have trouble keeping Klean Kanteens on the shelf. "All the members want them" I was told. Well here's the best way for you to get your hands on these products seeing that the stores are having troubles: or find a Canadian retailer through


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