Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Electric and Fuel Efficient Equipment - Chainsaws

We've discussed this before but not in much detail, and although this post only provides links, I plan on sourcing more information on this important topic area. You may not of considered it before, but emission restrictions will be implemented in many major metropolitan areas, the state of California has already come out with legislation that has restricted the sale of many brands. Its happening elsewhere in the states and in Canada.

But don't worry too much, the beauty of the free-market is providing many options before you'll have to dust off that Ol'Bow Saw.

Electric Chainsaws
The previous post got me thinking about electric equipment, specifically asking the question: Would it withstand the pressures that a woodland course demands of its chainsaws?
Whether they're battery powered or rely on a cord (there's lots of battery pack options now for field work) electric equipment has improved drastically in recent years. Keep in mind that electric equipment, although smaller, unable to tackle the big stuff and cannot be used while it's raining, fulfills an extremely beneficial role at urban golf courses - they are quite!
A review of Common Brand Electric Chainsaws, Here and Here (this ones better)
A review of Remington Electric Chainsaws, here
A review of Poulan Electric Chainsaws, here
A review of Makita Electric Chainsaws, here

What about the "Low Emission"/ "Fuel Efficient" options?
I know, a Treehugging Chainsaw is hard to picture, but these companies are trying:
John Deere Chainsaw Options here
A "Greener Shade of Orange" by STIHL: Products, STIHLs Mission EXCELLENT EFFORT STIHL!!!
Husqvarna offers up solutions here


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