Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Environmental Institute for Golf

Who is the Environmental Institute for Golf?

What began as a modest $200 scholarship awarded to a student in 1955 has evolved over the past 50 years into a collaborative effort of the environmental and golf communities directed at strengthening the compatibility of the game of golf with the natural environment. As the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), The Environmental Institute for Golf (The Institute) relies upon the support of many individuals and organizations to fund programs and projects that help golf courses fulfill the environmental, recreational and economic needs of their communities. The Institute is fortunate to have more than 9,000 active donors, representing each of the United States and 67 countries worldwide, supporting its efforts. Why? They believe in the future of the game and its positive impact to a community.

In January 2003, The Institute evolved from The GCSAA Foundation, originally established in 1955, with a new name, mission and focus. The Institute concentrates on delivering programs and services involving information collection, research, education and outreach that communicate the best management practices of environmental stewardship on the golf course.

Today, The Institute funds more than $1 million annually in environmental programs, including scientific research, education, information collection, outreach and scholarships.

The Environmental Institute for Golf is committed to strengthening the compatibility of the game of golf with our natural environment.

By 2008 the EIG hopes to provide:

  • Collaboration between the golf and environmental communities will lead to programs and services beneficial to all who come in contact with the game of golf.
  • Golf course design, construction and management will implement environmental standards to strengthen the compatibility of golf and the environment.
  • The environmental, recreational and economic aspects of golf courses will be enhanced for their communities.

The Environmental Institute for Golf offers a ton of great resources, click on the topics below for an amazing collection of Case Studies, Research Papers and Advertisements:

Service Water Quality

Integrated Plant Management

Golf Course Siting, Design and Construction

Wildlife and Habitat Management

Energy and Waste Management

Ground Water Protection

Water Use and Conservation

All Case Studies

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