Monday, January 26, 2009

Bat Habitat Conservation on Golf Courses

A fellow Blogger, David Dodds from the UK, writes a blog called

As an effort to be good environmental stewards, encourage habitat, and get rid of some mosquito's, a local golf club put up Bat Boxes. David gives his readers a great first hand account to surveying these artificial habitat structures and explains the importance of such features.

Check out the post here.

I didn't want to poach Davids photographs with out permission, so here's a photo of a Box Box from GlenCairn Golf Club in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Although this box has not been successful, two identical boxes on the other side of the property have housed approximately 30 Little Brown Bats (Myotis lucifugus), for information on this species in Canada go here. For more information on Bat habitat, visit Bat Conservation International.

Here's a few examples of Bat habitat conservation on golf courses:

Warren Golf Course in Indiana built several Bat Boxes as part of their efforts to gain certification in Wildlife and Habitat Management.

Fortune Bay Resort Casino installed Bat Boxes on the golf course.


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