Thursday, May 28, 2009

Club Car and SolarDrive

Just came upon this tidbit from the GCSAA

"Club Car has entered a marketing agreement with SolarDrive, a Denmark-based company that specializes in solar technology for mobile applications. The two companies will promote the use of solar energy for commercial and golf accounts in the U.S. and globally. SolarDrive designs and engineers vehicle canopies built with solar cells that can capture and transfer solar energy to electric-powered vehicles. The canopies transfer between 180 and 360 watts of energy to a vehicle’s battery system. Club Car says it hopes the availability of solar power will encourage facilities with gas-powered fleets to switch to electric vehicles."

Check out the SolarDrive Club Car on The Price is Right's earth day special, fast forward to 6:30. (I'll never get use to Drew Carry)

Even Ernie Els likes it!


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