Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Water Conservation with Gary Player

From the UgMO website:

I recently learned about UgMO from this New York Times article, and I'm excited about it's potential.
So what is UgMO?

"UgMO™ is the most advanced wireless underground monitoring system available today. Its web application package feeds off data provided by its patent-protected underground sensors and wireless communications system. It displays real time conditions and provides comprehensive intelligence and predictive actions.

Our advanced web application capabilities are complemented by a professional staff of agronomists. They help you establish health- and performance-optimizing operating threshold ranges, evaluate your data and current practices, and refine your existing programs. Together we will help you stay in the UgMO™ Zone. The results, optimal turf conditions and real savings, will generate a strong and lasting return on investment.

UgMO™ is a proven cost saver. In most cases, users have cut their water consumption by at least 20%. These cost savings result from improved water, fertilizer and energy consumption, more efficient use of labor and better plant health. There are other benefits as well. The agronomic benefits include more efficient salinity management, uniform irrigation, deeper rooting, predictive disease control and healthier, more stable conditions. There are environmental benefits as well like water conservation, reduced use of phosphates, nitrates and pesticides, a reduced carbon/water footprint and regulatory compliance."


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