Monday, July 7, 2008

Trump International Golf Links, Aberdeen Scotland

I haven't reported much on the Trump development in Scotland. I'm not sure how to interpret the situation Trump is in, but if there were a golf development in my town and it was being scheduled to be built on a "Site of Special Scientific Interest" (Dunes), I'd most likely be against it, and I like golf courses. So I'll let the whole thing unfold before I develop an opinion on it.
Some articles explaining the situation:
Dated July 7 2008
Dated June 11 2008

Some back ground info on the project from Trump Golf Scotland

"Trump International Golf Links, Scotland, featuring two championship-caliber golf course and five-star luxury hotel among other amenities, will be built on a 1400 -acre stretch of spectacular sand dunes at Balmedie Beach on Menie Estate in the northeast part of the country."


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