Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portarlington GC using stormwater

The Geelong Advisor wrote a perfect article, so I'm just going to re-post it here and give them credit, enjoy!

A pipeline now connects the Portarlington water reclamation plant with the town's golf course.

The 3.5km pipeline will supply up to 50 million litres of class C recycled water a year _ more than half the club's needs to irrigate the course, gardens and clubhouse surrounds.

It replaces a temporary above-ground pipeline constructed in 2006 to provide water during the drought.
Barwon Water managing director Michael Malouf said the permanent connection would save about 30 million litres of drinking water a year and provide the golf course with a secure supply.

``The Portarlington Golf Club has been a real leader in finding alternative sources to irrigate the course, using rainwater and stormwater in past years,'' Mr Malouf said.

``While these methods provide about half the club's needs, drinking water was required to make up the shortfall.''
The existing stormwater and rainwater collection, combined with the recycled water, means the club can maintain the course without using valuable drinking water.

Mr Malouf said four other customers used water from the Portarlington plant.
``With the golf course now connected, 100 per cent of the recycled water produced at the plant is being used, mainly for viticulture,'' he said.

The golf club used a $100,000 federal community water grant to help pay for the $220,000 pipeline. It funded the balance.

Barwon Water upgraded infrastructure at the plant to improve the access to recycled water.
Golf club manager Kerry Bond said the club had developed a water-wise usage plan in 2002.
``Several years ago, the club identified long-term water supply as an issue and set about making the golf course self-sufficient in water,'' Ms Bond said.

``We are committed to environment sustainable water use, and the connection of the recycled water pipeline is the culmination of many years' work.''


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