Saturday, December 6, 2008

Post-Bottle Ban Options

As our cities begin to consider plastic water bottle taxes and bans, we are starting to see how this will affect golf courses. The city of Toronto has recently announced its goal to ban the sale of plastic water bottles at all municipally owned facilities immediately, and at golf courses by 2011. This effort is part of the city's plan to divert 70 per cent of Toronto's waste from landfill by 2010. (not without opposition, surprised?)

A great effort, but how am I going to get a nice cold drink of water while on the 13th hole?

To begin with, the reason most golf courses use water bottles in the first place is due to the infamous cases of E-coli contamination associated with Drinking Water Coolers, specifically the 2002 case at Thunderbirds Golf Course in Phoenix.

Also, due to the recent concern of "gender bender" chemicals found in plastics (here, here, and here), non-plastic bottles are all the rage. Specifically Klean Kanteen, largely considered as the leading brand of reusable water bottles
(buy them here) of which Rosedale Golf Club (non-city owned) in Toronto is already selling.

With all of this eco-political correctness are we going to see the beverage cart (solar powered) girl (or male, or transgendered, or whatever) wearing gloves (non-latex) offering (in all official languages) to fill up your water bottle (Bisphenal A free) from a terracotta earth cistern (certified fair trade) any time soon? I hope so. ha.

If your using water coolers, check out the Minnesota Guidelines


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