Friday, December 5, 2008


The world of golf has been busy with press releases and eco-awareness this week, here's a few of the headlines:

Bag Tags Spread the Good Green Word
Evergreen and Sticks for Kids team up to offer bag tags with earth friendly messages, such as:
  • Go hug that tree you just hit. The shade it's creating is trying to keep you cool out there.
  • Nice divot. Now go fix it. That grass you're tearing up cleans the air so you can breathe a little easier.
Texas, "Green-Washed" Audubon and Getting Off of Potable Water
A great article from the Statesman - well written and truthful.

Bearwood Gets BIGGA Award
The British and International Golf Greenskeeping Association awards Bearwood Golf Club the "Innovation Prize" for the restoration and maintenance of 2 large ponds, reducing water use, composting and recycling.
Mentioned in the above article is the STRI and Syngenta Crop Protection Trials, why is this not happening in North America? I'm not sure but I'll find out soon!

Winds of Change? or Pain?
Golfers say wind turbines are too much of a distraction.

5 More To Go
Marriot is on a roll

No Birdies for Trumps New Course
More critisism on Trumps rump in the dunes

Arabian Coastline and Golf - "at one with nature"

Water Reuse Project at WSU
Washington State recieves $1 million in aid towards a $16 million in waste-water collection plan that will provide WSU and Palouse Ridge Golf Club. The Palouse Water Conservation Network offers some insight into the situation.

Florida Green Lodging Program Awards Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club the One Palm
The property has reduced water use per laundry load by 18 percent, and utilizes organically-based fertilizers, nutrients, and pesticides on its golf course.


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